So as you know I’ve been working on my next E.P. Road Trip for a while now. And it seems like every time I say coming soon, I get hit with another delay. Mix issues, vocal issues, manufacturing issues,  etc etc. Well just like you, I’m getting tired of waiting. So I decided to take some of the rough stuff recorded between sessions that I was gonna drop one by one and decided to just put it all together into a project and to hold you over at no charge as my way of saying thank you for your patience. 

Thanks for still rocking with the C.C.M.G. #HybridHustle movement! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below and once again, The Road Trip EP is coming shortly…..

Nothing else really needs to be said, so……here ya go! Sessions at Sunset Vol. 1 

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Sessions At Sunset 

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