Okay if your anything like me, you didn’t have someone to sit you down and explain “Money” to you when you really could have used the lesson. So you’ve probably wasted a lot of it doing meaningless shit (like stunting) when it could have been used more meaningful (investments). I get irritated just thinking about it.

Anyway I thought that I would share bits of info and advice that I’ve picked up over the years for anyone out there who, like me, wishes someone would break it down or at least point me in the right direction. This isn’t meant to be taken as financial advisement by any means, just suggestions. 

So with that said, the basics of hustling start with knowledge. You want millions? Well you need to have a thorough understanding of money! My recommendation is to get a copy of Tony Robbin’s Money Master The Game. First of all, dude breaks all that complex terminology down to where people like you and I can comprehend it. Next he gives you a few ways to make your money hustle for you. And what hustler wouldn’t want his money flipping by itself while he’s/she’s out trying to get more of it.

Once you pick up the understanding of how money works you’ll probably kick yourself like I did, but you’ll at least be moving in the right direction of breaking away from that 9 to 5. That’s pretty much it for the time being. Check back in with me later on to pick up some other gems on tightening up your hustle. And make sure you go pick up a Hybrid Hustle T-Shirt too!