I’m not really into the new style cars that much with the exception of Maybachs. (The dream car manufacturer) I have always like the idea of taking an older model car and customizing it. I guess that come from living in the south for half my life. 

So I recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Crown as a project car. I have always named my cars. My first car was a Oldsmobile 88 I named “The Gold Murderer” because in the beginning it was killing my pockets to keep gas in that thing! 

So I named this one, Her Majesty because everyone that I have given a ride to so far, say even though it’s an old car, they feel like someone important sitting comfortably in the backseat behind the tinted windows.

So now, Her Majesty needs to get Cruise Control ready. My plans for her are to change her paint job and get some daytons for her. Maybe in the future I may switch out the head rests and put tv monitors in. From there, the interior ambience. The fuzzy dice are there but I’m thinking blue or green LED lighting to match. But first and foremost, she needs her subs installed. I’ll periodically share her upgrades as I get them but for now, Her Majesty, is plain jane.

To all my carheads, what type of suggestions do you have to make “Her Majesty” feel more like a Royal Charriot?