When you combine the qualities of 2 organisms of different species, you end up with a Hybrid. A Hustler is someone capable of surviving and thriving in any environment. A hustler may have many hustles, but when you have 2 jobs that are in 2 different industries but can be combined to make a more efficient, profitable hustle, you have a Hybrid Hustle.

The Hybrid Hustle movement is all about getting more accomplished with your time and bringing more value to oneself. For example, an Uber driver might have flyers for an event he/she is trying to raise awareness for, strategically placed in their vehicle for their customers to see. And if the flyer is particularly eye catching, you have a conversation starter! Thats the job of a driver and promoter in one, a Hybrid Hustle!

In these times you would be a damn fool to depend on 1 source of income that probably comes in once or twice a month, and lets be real, that one source is barely enough to cover the monthly bills right? So instead of living check to check, I challenge you to take that job, and take that skill you’ve been blessed with and combine them to bring more value to yourself. All it takes is a little creativity and strategy!

What kind of hustles are you working right now and how can you make them Hybrid Hustles? Let me know what’s up in the comments below! While your at it, you should swing by “Tha $20 Trap” and pick up your Hybrid Hustle merchandise to support the movement!