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Overdue Featuring SunnyHaze

I’ve done tons of work with the homie Sunnyhaze over the years. (I.E. Hazard from THC 1 and Incoming from THC3) but we were never in the same studio at the same time to do any of it. So this joint is the result of the very 1st session we ever had in the same lab. […]

Her Majesty

I’m not really into the new style cars that much with the exception of Maybachs. (The dream car manufacturer) I have always like the idea of taking an older model car and customizing it. I guess that come from living in the south for half my life.  So I recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Crown […]

Happy 44th Birthday Hip Hop

I wanna take a minute to say Happy Birthday to the genre of music that I personally fell in love with 20 years ago. It started with 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me, Outkast’s ATLiens and Jay-Z’s In My Lifetime Vol.1 and it never stopped. I will be eternally grateful for the wisdom and game you […]

Basics of Hustlin Part 2

Now if you have hustle that can be considered an actual hustle, you probably found your self with more extra money than you usually have. Dope feeling right? Well before you take off to grab those new Jordan’s or them cute Red Bottoms you got your eye on, you need to take care of the bills […]

The Basics of Hustlin

Okay if your anything like me, you didn’t have someone to sit you down and explain “Money” to you when you really could have used the lesson. So you’ve probably wasted a lot of it doing meaningless shit (like stunting) when it could have been used more meaningful (investments). I get irritated just thinking about […]

What is a “Hybrid Hustle”

When you combine the qualities of 2 organisms of different species, you end up with a Hybrid. A Hustler is someone capable of surviving and thriving in any environment. A hustler may have many hustles, but when you have 2 jobs that are in 2 different industries but can be combined to make a more […]